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Strathmore's Roundtable

The Roundtable is an elite program designed to take every aspect of membership to new and hitherto uncharted territory. It exists exclusively for our 50 finest professionals and will never exceed that figure in any given year; with over 55,000 active members, this is undoubtedly a coveted position of power, prestige and limitless opportunity. Aside from the new narrative-style biographies featured below, you’ll be seeing these 50 members in many new places in the coming months. Most notably, each of them will be given a full-page with a color photograph and logo in the next hardcover edition of Strathmore’s Who’s Who. Through an admittedly stringent screening process, this year’s Roundtable candidates were chosen based on their credentials, accomplishments, aspirations and history with our organization. Since the advent of this new program, our company has seen an influx of applications, letters and offers from people seeking a position at The Roundtable. While we truly appreciate the interest, we would like to clarify that this level of membership is unattainable by such measures; these 50 places are reserved for a preselected set of individuals. However, we do acknowledge recommendations from fellow members along with our internal research.

- Richard Belber, Senior Research Director

No Roundtable members were found for the requested year.