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A Maverick Nurse - A Nursing Legend

By Elizabeth Pittman

The biography of Luther Christman Ph.D, a highly honored but controversial leader in American nursing, traces the profession and intellectual development that led this coal miner's son to become Vice President of Nursing Affairs, and the Dean, College of Nursing, Rush University.

A Smell of Africa - Safe in His Arms

By Kuruvilla, Bill

This book is a narration of my own life experiences while I was working in Africa namely, in Zambia, and in Mozambique as an Electrical Engineer in 1970s. Many life-threatening incidents were happening to me in sequence during the period. With a happy and god-fearing mind I faced them all, believing in God's wonderful guidance and care-taking. As neighboring countries, South Africa, and Rhodesia were not independent at that time, guerilla warfare was at its peak. Several such instances have been brought to light in this book. More over, the ever-enjoyable panorama of African nature and its wildlife is also described to an extent, especially, my visit to a national park called Gorongosa which is a "Living Aden" near Beira, in Mozambique. Thus the book is made more enjoyable to a reader of any age. The book contains over 100 pages

A Ward of the State

By Roland Huber

Over 100,000 children are made ward's of the state, within the United States, every year. This story is just one of those true stories. This story will let you see and feel the fear, rejection and loneliness hundreds of thousands of children within the United States see every day. The book " A Ward of the State " shows you the difference between living in a foster home and in a children's home. This book will bring tears to your eyes but bring hope to your heart.

Facing a World Without Love

By Roland Huber

From the time he began his life as a "throwaway child", clearly, some crucial pieces of Ron Huber's life had been missing: Parents. Love. Self-esteem. A helping hand. Cruelly abandoned at an early age by his alcoholic parents, Ron and his brother, Vic, were left to rot in a poisoned, rat-infested slum with no food, heat, or electricity. For the next long decade, Ron and Vic suffered unbearably as they were shipped from one brutal foster care home to another. Not soon enough it was time for Ron to break loose from the chains of the mental and physical restraints of the welfare and foster care system and strike out on his own with newfound and well-deserved hope to halt the runaway turbulence of his young life. From a throwaway child to a top federal government executive, this is Ron Huber's remarkable true story of bravery, gallantry and recovery from a system which today poses a national crisis. Foster care provides for half a million "nowhere to go" children and, of that half a million, a shocking 80 percent of the children end up in prisons. This account of Ron's life sends a powerful message to those unfortunate victims of a foster home care existence today of unswerving hope and optimism that one day you will find a world WITH unquestionable love to wipe away all the tears of your saddened, inhumane, hurt, your torturous loneliness, your savage abuse, and the tears from your humiliating defeats. It will come.

I Will Not Complain! My Life with Chronic Illness

By Reese, Hazel Lucrettia

This story reveals not only a 45 year struggle with migraine headaches, but also how a strong, goal-oriented single parent overcame the disability of migraine headaches. Reese endeavored to confront life and not let the headaches control her. She has surrounded herself with positive people and makes an effort to take care of herself first

Lil Iodine

By Betty Brock

A young five year old red headed girl already had been raped, is suddenly forced to stand and watch as her home, her father and baby brother, are taken in a suspicious arson. When she discovers that her Father is dead and she questions why he will not talk to her and he is cold to her touch. She is told he is dead and we have to take him out and let the bugs eat him. She is enraged. Two months later this red headed child is thrown out of school for fighting. Any wonder why? All of this happened to this one little girl within the space of eight months. One might, at first believe no, this is not a true story. This must be a fictional fantasy. Oh no! Not so, this is a real true story. The village this story is set in does not agree one iota that this is a child with a big problem, that perhaps needs help. At the age of thirteen the village throws her out of the Church. The one saving grace for this little red headed girl was her big brother who decided to create his own idea of a lil Iodine of his little sister. He taught her to put up her dukes and fight it out with him. Then the war began with this town and this little girl . She went to war with them and she took no prisoners. She won her wars. She would say thanks to her idol, her big brother. She credits her big brother for helping her to be able to withstand the wars she was compelled to deal with in this rural and rough valley in West Virginia. Go into the bowels of Ground Hog Holler on the millstream there you will find this little girls real secrets. Her ship rock. She called it her rock of Ages. She carried all her hopes and dreams to her ship Rock. She read her Bible there. She would sit on her rock and tell herself,some day I am going to steer you right out of here into the out there. The out there being Florida where she ended up for the rest of her life. Retiring from At&T Telephone Company after thirty three years. It was on her ship rock that she plotted her departure from this awful environment. You would think this will always be a child of disaster. Not so, this child created her own successes and continues growing and accomplishing at the age of seventy five. She took the marker with her on down the road and created her own success. She would say of the town she grew up in to be a success there all you had to do was paint your house white. Not a joke. She gives the credit for her success to her dear Mother, whose wisdom it was that kept her in school when she is certain she would have quit and therefore would have become a failure. There is something to be derived from surviving this type of shattered life we are sometimes compelled to live. You cannot run away from the ashes of a broken life. You must build from the ashes. This book is written in strong colloquial flavor. It tells reader about the harsh, and heart-wrenching, traumatic events that could happen to any of us.Show more

Molyneux: The Interior Design of Juan Pablo Molyneux

By Michael Frank (Contributor)

Known internationally for his polished interiors, Juan Pablo Molyneux is a designer who combines aesthetically strict modernism with the comfort and richness of neoclassicism. His attention to detail, his insistence on the finest materials, and his use of elements of fantasy and opulence together create a subtle balance between the different parts of a Molyneux room or the pieces within it, inspiring a sense of calm.

My Second Wife and Her Mother

By William C. Manson


Tarboro to Katmandu

By Job K. Savage

This author begins school in a two room rural schoolhouse, enters the US Army during WWII, retires as a Lt. Colonel from the National Guard, earns a Ph.D., enters the US Dept. of Agriculture at the lowest professional level and retires at the highest non-political level. A new career as a consultant leads him to 24 different countries which this well illustrated book describes.


At The Service Quality Frontier: A Handbook for Managers, Consultants and Other Pioneers.

By Mary M. LoSardo, Norma M. Rossi

Written for a broad audience that might be put off by costly or complex presentations: small business owners, entrepreneurs, trainers, and consultants to small business, as well as educators and their students.

Behold, the Salesperson

By Cox Jr., Robert M.

With a joltingly informative notebook style, "Behold the Salesperson" seems tailor made for reading in snippets. Topic by topic Bob Cox reveals what it takes to be a GOOD salesperson from dedication to clients to organization. Much maligned, (the most recent term I heard was "Shovel-Nosed Rat Snake") salespeople actually create commerce and wealth. Think about it - true professionals provide jobs for everybody involved in the design, manufacture, transportation and distribution of the products they sell. Buyers would be well advised to read "Behold the Salesperson" for a little perspective - professional salespeople always welcome refresher courses and support (after all - how would YOU feel if you got turned down 90% of the time?).

Building Competitiveness United States Expatriate Management Strategies in Mexico

By Jane Herring Stanford

Editorial Reviews From Book News, Inc. Argues that management approaches that encourage employee decision making and involvement at all levels of the business are transferable across cultural boundaries. The study compares the workforce organization and management of parent companies in the US with their subsidiaries in Mexico, and finds that both use the flexible approach with excellent results. A model for implementing employee involvement in US-managed firms in Mexico is presented. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

EPA and Superfund, a Small Business Story

By Cox Jr., Robert M.

Robert Cox tells the story of how his successful family business endured good and bad times, but it couldn't survive an ambush from the Environmental Protection Agency. According to EPA, Cox's business, the Gilbert Spruance Company, committed the 'crime' of sending its waste products to legal disposal facilities. Cox does a good job detailing the real crime: EPA implementation of the federal Superfund law. Superfund was supposed to clean up contaminated property, but has become a small business nightmare, condemning parties unjustly and destroying businesses of honest, hard working Americans. Knowing that he is one among thousands of Americans who suffered under Superfund, Cox offers his story as a desperate plea to lawmakers to finally reform this unjust law.

Main Street Approach to Appraising Small-to-Medium Size Businesses

By Gary L. Allen

Main Street Approach to Appraising Small-to-Medium Size Businesses

Read, Sell Aim

By Bob Blochs

A practical book with proven strategies which can help anyone sell more in less time to achieve greater results.

The Business Analyzer & Planner

By Michael S. Zambruski

A comprehensive desk reference for decision-making and planning. It presents a unique process for solving business problems, seizing opportunities, managing priorities, and dealing with any business challenge.

Vocational Profiling-Workplace Solutions

By Carol M. Forsloff

Teaches employers and Human Resource professionals how to select the appropriate employees through non-verbal and verbal language clues and the basics of writing as work. Also teaches about personality types.

What were they thinking?

By Robert M. McCath

Marketing lessons learned from over 80,000 new products innovations, and idocies


A Collection of the Life and Work of Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller 1877-1968

By Shonnette Koontz

My first knowledge of the brilliant sculptor, Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller was early in my employment at West Virginia State University (WVSU) when some of her sculptures were exhibited in 1986, in the Drain-Jordan Library by her grandson, Dr. John L. Fuller, Sr., Director of Registration and Records. At the time of the exhibit I worked in the Reference Department, and I soon became aware that by searching the catalog of books that the collection contains many titles with an article, a biography, or a critical review on this courageous, remarkable and talented woman who was also an illustrator and a writer. She studied at the Pennsylvania School of Industrial Arts. In 1903, she exhibited two of her works, The Impenitent Thief and The Wretched, in the Paris Salon. Meta Fuller’s interest in sculpture led her to study with Charles Grafly and at the Academie Colarossi in Paris with the renowned sculptor Auguste Rodin, who had much praise for her work. She was the first African-American woman to become a professional artist. One of her sculptures The Ravages of War was donated by her family to WVSU, and is on display in the Drain-Jordan Library. Her sculptures are on display at several museums across the country including the Danforth Museum of Art, the Cleveland Museum, The Boston Museum of Afro-American Art, The Harmon Foundation Collection at The National Archives in Washington, D.C., Howard University in Washington, D.C., Maryhill Museum of Art, Washington Museum of Afro-American History in Boston, The San Francisco Museum of Fine Arts, and the Schomburg Collection–New York Public Library. Copyright 2003, LC 99-97672, Price $45.00, Hard Cover, 540 pages Printed by West Virginia State University Printing Services To purchase a copy Please call Phone Number 304-766-4164

Collections & Recollections

By Dorothy Owen Knop

ISBN: 0-9646786-0-8 (P) 1. COSTUME. 2. TRAVEL. A search for world legacies of ethnic dress, Library of Congress cataloging - in - publication data. Knop, Dorothy Owen d.o.b. 1911.

Crud: The Revolutionary Mission of Modern Art and Other Essays on Art

By Stucki, Margaret E.

Lists the big names of Cubisim who hated God and set out to destroy the Traditional Western Christian Art in a "revolution" of style.

International Human Rights Litigation in U. S. Courts

By Beth Stephens, Michael Ratner



...With Reading and Writing for All!

By Louise McGrew

This book is a guide to the best approaches for teaching the very beginning stages of reading and writing. It also includes ways to further develop the reading and writing processes as well as some strategies for developing study skills. This book will help teachers and parents understand what their childern need to become good readers. It is intended to help those who would teach reading understand some of the basic concepts that are needed for the reading and writing process to develop along with some effective ways to teach them. One of the greatest gifts parents and teachers can give to the children entrusted to them is the love of reading along with the skills to do it well. All aspects of the teaching process is done within a very positive, encouraging, and supportive way.

Basic Math Concepts

By William C. Manson

Learn fractions with a simple system

Beyond the 4-D Perspective: The Pegasus Method

By Bailey, Virginia H.

The continuing influx and blending of cultures in the United States has created an alarming trend in our educational system – the exclusion and ignoring of the special needs of children for whom English is a second language. Education’s inability to recognize and incorporate solutions to these needs lay the foundation for problems that begin in the classroom and continue throughout the child’s life, effecting self-esteem and future interest in learning. In her book, "Beyond the 4-D Perspective: The Pegasus Method," Virginia Hurt Bailey explores how deficit, disability, delay and dysfunction constitute the "4-D Perspective," or the key elements to recognize while teaching those children whose secondary language (and culture) is English. Intended for use by any educator, Bailey’s manual advocates fixing the methods by which these children are taught; changing the teacher’s perspective of the student and presentation can effectively help students overcome their difficulties in learning. Bailey explains specific methods by which educators can learn to overcome the obstacles of teaching culturally diverse students, as she explores how teachers have contributed to the problem of isolating those who are not a part of the mainstream American education system. Included in the manual are diagrams, sample lesson plans, worksheets and more than eighty-two charts and diagrams. An impressive examination of a growing need within America to approach each child individually and recognize their specific learning needs, "Beyond the 4-D Perspective: The Pegasus Method" is a teacher’s tool that was born of experience teaching multicultural children, but whose lessons apply to everyone.

Book of Preludes: 1-15 for Piano

By Barry Michael Wehrli

The Book of Preludes: 1-15 for Piano is a collection of original, solo-piano music by composer, author, educator and performing artist, Barry Michael Wehrli. The first prelude was composed shortly after the new millennium with the 15th and final prelude completed on October 8, 2013. The term “Neo-Romantic” best describes these works as they resemble the short, evocative character pieces of Frederic Chopin or Claude Debussy, but possess elements of later styles such as new-age, jazz, avant-garde and impressionism. Excerpts of all 15 preludes can be heard at The Book of Preludes will be released on compact disc at and made available as mp3 downloads at Amazon and/or iTunes.

Classic Series: Volume 1-Beginning Basics for the Piano, Edition 7

By Barry and Linda Wehrli

A holistic method for the beginning piano student, ages seven and up, this books uses easy-to-read words and music along with pronunciations and definitions. Five workshops guide the student from learning the names of the white keys on the keyboard through playing beginner-level arrangements of famous works by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart as well as American classics. Posture, ear training and sight-reading projects develop skills needed to play easily and beautifully. This book includes Checkouts at the end of each workshop ensure understanding, a Final Exam and a Certificate of Award presented at the end of the book.

Classic Series: Volume 2-Intermediate Basics for the Piano, Edition 3

By Barry and Linda Wehrli

A holistic approach following Volume 1, for the early-intermediate student, this book contains five workshops introducing the student to subjects such as key signatures and accidentals, pedaling, ledger line notation and more complex rhythms. Music by classical and modern composers is arranged to demonstrate each subject, increasing in texture and complexity as the student progresses. Technical workouts develop strength and coordination, supplementing the technique found in Essential Piano and Keyboard Technique. Like Volume 1, this books includes Checkouts, a Final Exam and a Certificate of Award.

Essential Piano and Keyboard Technique

By Barry Michael Wehrli

Essential Piano and Keyboard Technique is a thorough and comprehensive study of keyboard technique, taking early-intermediate students well into advanced levels. This book fulfills not only the current technical requirements established by the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) and the Music Teachers' Association of California (MTAC), but exceeds them by providing important technique not found in either program. Four sections present technical exercises by category for easy reference.

Introduction to Basic Economics

By Michael J. Snyder

Basic text is a survey of economics. It is part micro and part macro. The first part is micro which deals with how businessess determine what price to charge and how much to produce. The second part is macro which deals with some social issues in our economy such as the business cycle and monetary policy.

Introduction to Brookwood Cemetery

By John M. Clarke

Necropolis Publications (April 1992) Provides an overview of the history of Brookwood Cemetery and illustrates some of the significant memorials.

ISBN: 0-9713623-0-0 -The Trance Zone - The Ultimate Hypnosis Manual

By Edward J. Longo - ABH CCH RBT

This author and founder of is a Certified Hypnotherapist with the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Through the process of Positive Hypnotic Trances, even the skeptical become influenced. Here, hypnotherapy is professionally administered, ultimately initiating positive transformation. When clients learn to incorporate the power of the subconscious mind even their elusive dreams seem to manifest as if By MAGIC.

Library provision for overseas students: Proceedings of a one-day seminar held at King's Manor, University of York on Friday 4 Nov

By John M. Clarke

University College & Research Section [of the Library Association] Yorkshire & Humberside Group (1991) Proceedings of this one-day conference, with speaker presentations along with the question and answer sessions. This was one of the first publications to address this important area of library service provision.

London's Necropolis: A Guide to Brookwood Cemetery

By John M. Clarke

The History Press Ltd (29 April 2004) In the mid-nineteenth century the volume of London's dead was causing considerable public concern. So in 1850 the idea of a great metropolitan cemetery, situated in the suburbs and large enough to contain all of London's dead for an indefinite period, was promoted. The outcome was Brookwood Cemetery, the largest burial ground in the world when it was opened in 1854 by the London Necropolis & Mausoleum Company. The cemetery, which now contains almost 240,000 burials, is still privately owned and adminstered - and a draft report by the Home Office suggests that it has the potential to become a World Heritage Site. London's Necropolis is a guide to the art and architecture of Brookwood, and also includes brief biographies of over 800 individuals of interest who have been buried here - reflecting all levels of society. Each chapter is supported by maps, and there are about 100 black and white photographs to illustrate some of the most interesting memorials and cemetery buildings.

Mastering Intervals, Edition 3

By Barry Michael Wehrli

Mastering Intervals systematically develops mastery in reading, writing and hearing any interval, enhancing composition and improvisation skills. Included are 15 musical excerpts providing both interval analysis and other music theory insights as well as an Answer Manual where answers to written work can be readily checked.

Moving the Earth, 5th Edition: The Workbook of Excavation

By David Day

The Sixth Edition of Moving the Earth provides hands-on information about all current excavation practices and regulations. The book covers the latest excavation techniques, machines and their operation, problems that arise in excavation work, the application of different types of equipment, as well as costs and management. From site preparation to blasting and tunneling, from pneumatic drills to the largest power shovels, this comprehensive, step-by-step reference explains every kind of excavating project, together with guidance on optimizing the machines and vehicles involved.

Music Instruction Forms: 1-Year Journal

By Barry and Linda Wehrli

This easy to use journal is for all instrumentalists at any level of instruction. The Weekly Practice Calendar establishes the student’s practice days and times and the total practice hours per week. 52 Weekly Lesson Plans carry the student through a full year’s study. These easy to use plans organize assignments by category and provide spaces for the sequence, duration and grading of each assignment. Four Quarterly Student Progress Reports assess the student’s strengths and weaknesses, quarterly. Divided into eight study categories and a general comments section, these reports keep the student on track through the year. Completed Journals provide a running record of the student's progress.

Piano Practice and Performance

By Barry and Linda Wehrli

Piano Practice and Performance is a collection of helpful and concise tips on correct practice techniques and performance strategies, researched and tested by the authors in their own practices. Intended for students and aspiring professionals, these vital tips will improve studies and confidence at the piano or keyboard.

Preparing Your Own Adult Basic Education Reading Materials

By Rice, Gail

Preparing Your Own Adult Basic Education Reading Materials

The Brookwood Necropolis Railway (Locomotion Papers)

By John M. Clarke

Oakwood Press; 4th rev. and enlarged ed edition (2006) The return of an Oakwood Press favourite which has been much enlarged for this Fourth Edition. The fascination continues in what must surely have been one of the most unusual train services to operate on a British railway - the service operated from London Waterloo to Brookwood Necropolis, near Woking. The book tells how the railway conveyed the deceased and their accompanying mourners to their final resting place, the Brookwood Necropolis, which at one time was the largest cemetery in the world. The Necropolis was originally promoted as concerns about public health in the nation’s capital and elsewhere had increased, London having suffered its first cholera epidemic in the mid-19th century. The service finally ceased shortly after World War II. The railway has been the inspiration for two novels, read the full true story of this remarkable railway which author John Clarke has been studying for more than 25 years. The Brookwood Necropolis Railway had many unusual features, in the cemetery there were two stations one for the Anglican section and another for the Non-Conformists and even after death class distinctions were made with first, second or third class coffin tickets available. Somewhat surprisingly there were licensed premises at the stations. Visitors to the station bars have said that there were notices displayed stating ‘Spirits served here’! This much enlarged new edition, which includes expanded text and a number of new photographs, is to A5 format, with 192 pages of art paper. Amongst its 115 illustrations are photographs, maps, building plans, track layouts and plans of special rolling stock used on the line as well as tickets and other ephemera connected to the railway and the Necropolis company. This new edition also has a large pull-out map of Brookwood Necropolis. The book is perfect-bound with a laminated card cover and square-backed spine.


A Friend Indeed

By Mary Ann Short

The son of a champion Labrador retriever and a mongrel father, Pup is born the runt of his litter. Yet, despite a lesser stature, he owns a big heart and an even mightier spirit. The humans that deliver him into the world are good and caring people, especially young Katie. Pup prays the child will one day bestow upon him a royal title equal to his strength of character. But as fate would have it, youthful curiosity leads him to stray from the yard. Nameless and afraid, he suddenly finds himself lost and alone in the pine barrens of eastern Long Island (New York). In a frantic effort to find his way home, Pup travels aimlessly through the forest until he crosses paths with some unusual woodland characters who ultimately befriend him and guide him on his journey. But the road home is a dangerous one and Pup and his comrades soon find themselves standing face-to-face with evil. Assembling the greatest of their physical strengths, instincts and intelligence, they fight to survive the cruelties and ignorance that surrounds them, discovering the best of themselves and each other in the process. A Friend Indeed uses primarily animal characters to tell a very human story about the ills of prejudice and the interdependence of all life. Its messages of friendship, perseverance and faith will speak to the souls of readers young and old and leave them feeling uplifted and inspired long after finishing the book.


By Mary Ann Short

Upon the passing of her mother, young Megan is suddenly orphaned and alone. Saddened by her loss, she seeks refuge with a band of feral cats living in the basement of her brownstone apartment house. Megan grows to love her feline family deeply, and when fate puts them in harms way, she stops at nothing to protect them. Angel is a tale about a mother's everlasting love that survives against all odds. It is a story about miracles, and the faith that enables us to both believe without seeing, and to see because we believe.

Arbalest, Legend of the Horn

By H.J. Courtright

During the siege of Castle Ahryz, an infant prince is rescued by a servant and a trusted guard. The prince is raised as a peasant. Years later, after their home is plundered by minions of the evil King Luther, the prince is thrust upon the path to regain his kingdom. Prince Jerrod acquires a mysterious silvery-white stallion, whom he names Arbalest, and he, and several loyal to his cause, set out to claim the throne that is his by right. The attempt is thwarted. As they flee, Jerrod is mortally wounded. Unconscious, he has a vision of the Horn, a weapon of magic that derives its power from the moon. Healed by what is looked upon as a miracle, Jerrod comes to believe that only the Horn has the power to defeat Luther. He and his companions set out in quest of the mysterious castle said to be the Horn’s sanctuary. Nearly consumed in a blizzard, they are led to the castle through the unerring senses of Arbalest. But soon after, Jerrod discovers the magic he so deeply desires to possess is not without consequence.

Blood, Sweat and Terror

By H. J. Courtright

Four short stories from the imagination of H. J. Courtright The Game- A hunter unwittingly becomes the hunted. The Magician- A magician at a funeral parlor reveals more than slight of hand. The Visitor- A stormy night brings an unwelcome visitor and an eerie message. Broken Hearted- Digging in frozen ground reveals the unexpected.

Blues From Down Deep

By Gwynne Forster

Regina Pearson has reached the ripe age of 40 knowing nothing about her family, so after her father's death she decides it's time to leave Hawaii, where she's lived with native Hawaiians, having no clue about African American life on the mainland. She finds an aunt in New Bern, North Carolina, who welcomes her, but the rest of the family keeps their distance. Regina takes a job managing a large hotel and there meets Colonel Justin Duval, who is designing the hotel's interior, and even though they clash at work, a personal relationship develops that is threatened by Regina's quest to have a relationship with her relatives. Justin would rather live without his large extended family and can't comprehend Regina's desire to wade into her gene pool. Regina realizes that maybe she had unrealistic expectations, but her tenacity starts to yield results even as her new family ties jeopardize her relationship with Justin. Forster's sensitive portrayal of a woman trying to find her roots offers some unusual offshoots and is a cut above the ordinary.


By Gwynne Forster

When novelist Jeanetta Rollins learns she has a brain tumor certain to render her blind unless she gets a rare operation, she is devastated. But the news gets worse. The operation is so rare, no doctor is willing to perform it. Not even the man who has had spectacular results with the vary same procedure. It seems Dr. Mason Fenwick has given up medicine altogether, and refuses to take Jeanetta's case. Jeanetta refuses to give up. She tracks the former Dr. Fenwick to his new career as the owner of a travel agency specializing in one-of-a kind world tours. She decides that the best way to talk the reluctant surgeon into taking her case is to book herself on his guided tour and let the man get to know her personally. She hopes he won't be able to refuse her once he has a real person in front of him. Mason Fenwick is completely unprepared for the electricity and passion he feels the second he meets Ms. Jeanetta Rollins for her pre-tour interview. The woman is a mystery, and Mason can't resist. He allows Jeanetta a spot on his exclusive tour. From the moment the tour begins, Mason finds Jeanetta irresistible. He serves her notice that she's caught his interest, and he's a man who goes after what he wants. They may find ecstasy in each others' arms, but can their love survive a life-threatening operation, and Mason's self-doubts? In Ecstasy, Ms. Forster captures the anguish and the hope of love triumphing over the biggest of odds!A delicate, emotional story! A powerful story about powerful issues! Ms. Forster has crafted a heroine with spunk and determination we can believe in!

Ground of the Devil

By Richard Rezendes

Richard Rezendes wrote a book on a laser printer about thirty-five years ago, and he worked on this book for more than a year. He typed in on an old Apple desktop computer then on a laser printer. His biggest dream is that one day, he would like to publish a book. He got the idea on a magazine about a story about an asteroid that struck in Connecticut and fragments were found. The story led to earthquakes in Moodus, Connecticut. That may have been caused by water flowing through limestone, and Native Indians believed it was the devil! He thought of writing a book about it and named it Ground of the Devil. This story is about a comet that hit Moodus, Connecticut, and a creature living underground for several months before it went on its attack, and it killed people and animals, and it had magical powers. The creature looked like a huge porcupine with pricks all over it! By the way, this creature is a female with large breasts. It sprays fire like a dragon. It has a large tail and a powerful stinger. It has lobsterlike claws like a scorpion and feet like an elephant. Richard Rezendes worked at Brown University and the east Greenwich school department before retiring at age sixty-two. He will be sixty-five years old on Monday, August twentieth. He likes sports, football, basketball, and baseball, in that order. He is a bowler tenpins and currently holds a 220 average. He is five feet, eight inches, 166 pounds, and he is pretty healthy.

If You Walked In My Shoes

By Gwynne Forster

Coreen Holmes Treadwell is well respected in Bakerville, North Carolina, but when she is called to testify before a senate committee, she is paralyzed with fear that her secret will be revealed. While in high school, she was raped and became pregnant. Thrown out by her parents, she gave the baby up for adoption, went to college, became a hardworking and valued social worker, and married a man named Bates, becoming stepmother to his two children. Now she is afraid that Bates will find out about her past troubles and that she'll lose his love and respect. Meanwhile, unknown to Coreen, her child, Frieda, is looking for her and seeking revenge because her adopted father abused her. Mother and daughter are on a collision course that brings out the worst in both women, causing them to jeopardize the good in their lives. Forster's understated style allows for an insightful inquiry into the plight of African American women and the men who abuse them.


By Iuliano, Maria Rosaria

Joanna is a homeless woman who at 28 years old is still a virgin. She meets a kind soul who takes her in and helps her get on her feet. They pray a lot and we can see the power of prayers at work. This novel covers issues of sexual molestation, homelessness, mental illness, psychic and paranormal occurences. One of the protagonists is a Christian and the other is Catholic but they get along just fine.

Love's Bitter Splendor

By Sylvester Murray

Catherine Gideon and Karl Batali fell in love; they viewed their lives as endless, filled with joy and splendor. But since Karls untimely death, Catherine had never felt so alone and sad. Then the mysterious Mark Joshin comes into her life.


By Gwynne Forster

Failure to secure a coveted partnership was the driving force behind Selena Sutton's move to Texas. Wanting a low stress, small town life with people who would accept her for herself, Selena packed her bags and headed to Waverly, Texas. She took a job as a psychological counselor and began a new chapter in her life. Her new home gives her the change she needed, until one man's greed and desire leave Selena in the hospital. Then she finds herself being protected by a very unlikely person- her attacker's brother. But who will protect her from losing her heart to Magnus Cooper? Magnus fell for Selena the moment she arrived in Waverly. She wasn't his type, of course- too much like his cold-as-ice mother. But that doesn't stop Magnus from wanting Selena, or wanting to protect her when his brother Prince assaults her. Magnus's problems with his brother go way back, but he is determined that Prince will never get his hands on Selena. Not if he has anything to say about it. Gwynne Forster's Obsession is a fast-paced, suspenseful tale of two brothers at war and a woman caught in the middle. The heat between Selena and Magnus is as hot as Texas chili from page one, and the love scenes sizzle. Unfortunately, some of Ms. Forster's dialogue feels awkward and the plot loses luster due to unrealistic plot elements. However, her interesting secondary characters and several twists in the story make up for other flaws and fans of Ms. Forster will find her ending sweet and satisfying. Gwynne Forster's writing crackles with sensuality! Her love scenes will leave you breathless! A fast-paced story filled with suspense and enough twists to rival a Texas twister! Hot, hot, hot!

Pride and a Tear

By Susan R. Cain

Pride and a Tear is an endearing and inspirational story of triumph based on the true story of a woman working through her tumultuous childhood and finding fulfillment after many losses and tragedies. Through her determination and inner strength, she fights to find her way to a better life and overcome her past. You may laugh, cry, and feel comforted from this story that will definitely leave you applauding her strength by overcoming so many obstacles.

Profiles in Betrayal: The Enemy Within

By Adams, Christopher S.

Profiles In Betrayal: The Enemy Within is a sequel to his first novel, Red Eagle, and carries the theme of Soviet secret police operations, spying and espionage to a new level. Following the assassination of President Kennedy and the discovery that the accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, had lived in the Soviet Union for three years prior to the murder, historical Soviet paranoia erupted. The main character of the story, “Sasha” Katsanov, is a highly trained and skilled Soviet GRU agent-spy who is once again sent back into the United States undercover to attempt to determine if Oswald, the accused assassin, was in fact under the influence of the KGB, other Soviet interests, or did he act alone. The historical rivalry between the two principal Soviet intelligence agencies, the GRU and the KGB, is rekindled with numerous violent attempts on the part of the latter to thwart Sasha’s mission. Kidnapping, torture and murder, a normal part of the KGB’s modus operandi, to influence and exert power and control were put to full use in attempts to sabotage Sasha’s investigation. Within the U.S., the Intelligence Community was also in turmoil over its respective failure to monitor the activities of the accused assassin, Oswald, both while he lived in the Soviet Union and after he returned. Profiles In Betrayal will not only keep the reader gripped by the exceptional realism of the story as well as the clever plot development.

Red Eagle: A Story of Cold War Espionage

By Adams, Christopher S.

An exceptionally well-written and detailed novel about espionage which provides an extraordinary and factual "inside" view of the powerful and aggressive former Soviet Union secret police agencies, the KGB and the GRU. The story is woven around these organizations and actual events involving U.S. Strategic Air Command (SAC) operations during the Cold War, the Cuban Crisis, in particular, the mighty B-52 bomber and the men who flew it. Intimate details are revealed about Soviet secret police agent recruiting, training, surveillance, tactics, exploitation of U.S. technologies, as well as, their corrupt activities including brutal deeds against their own people. The "manufactured" tale is carefully and meticulously developed into a Cold War scenario and an event that could have potentially happened, but did not! A must read for the spy and conspiracy theorist!

Silver Bells

By Gwynne Forster, Lynn Emery,Carmen Green

Pinnacle's Arabesque line continues its annual holiday tradition with this diverse trio of contemporary African American romances, each highlighting a different winter celebration. In Gwynne Forster's "Christopher's Gifts," an upscale interior decorator finds happiness with the man she has hired to be her chauffeur; in Carmen Green's appealing "Whisper to Me," a lovely teacher introduces the rich traditions of Kwanzaa to a widower and his seven-year-old twin girls; and in Lynn Emery's compelling "To Begin Again," a determined social worker activist finds that love does not follow party lines. Although the stories are not equally well done, they make for pleasant holiday reading.

Soaring Eagle, Spirit of the Wind

By H. J. Courtright

The author brings the shamanic experience to the reader in rhythmic prose that keeps time with the shaman's drum. Shamanic journey comes alive with ceremony and magic, and shines in spiritual light.

The Ph.D. Horror Story

By Nickolai Stoilov

You may think Ph.D. students are harmless if slightly boring... Yet what happens when they are faced with extreme circumstances? How extreme is the difficulty to find jobs after years of study and graduation? Do 19th-century ghosts have anything to do with disappearing girls or media dons? What do physiology students do in their spare time? Are they a match for the ferocity of seasoned criminals?... Set in an Oxford college residence, this farcical comedy begins with the disappearance of rich and beautiful Sylvia amid rumors that the house is haunted. How will it end? What has love got to do with it?


By Susan R. Cain

Sarah Carroll had just lost her mother to suicide, or so it seemed. She is determined to make certain people pay for not keeping their promises that led up to her mother’s death. But will they pay, or will she be the one to pay…Threefold? Tainted with suicide, murder, hauntings, romance and page by page suspense, Threefold will keep you on the edge of your seat from cover to cover.

Vincent's Vengeance

By Sheila DeLong

A young nurse, Sara Dautry--whose autistic brother, Vince, has been arrested for the murder of their Catholic priest--decides to conduct her own investigation. Refusing to believe that he committed the crime, even though he was found at the murder scene with the alleged weapon, she convinces her former nursing-school study group to help her prove his innocence by using hypnosis to travel back to the moment of the crime. When the FBI finds out her plan, they try to stop her by using weather manipulation. They fear that if she does find out the truth about the priest's murder, she will want to go public with the information-especially since it could incriminate them. And when the Vatican learns that the crime scene was damaged by wind to possibly hide evidence, they think the U.S. government may have been involved. Then for fear of hostility between the Vatican and the U.S., the CIA launches their own investigation. Along the way, Sara learns that Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh and the Shroud of Turin have some hidden secrets that could change the way believers think about the Roman Catholic Church. She also learns that it's not always a good idea to experiment with science. Thus by unraveling a massive conspiracy involving powerful political players, Sara's life--as well as the lives of her friends and family--is put in danger.

Whatever It Takes

By Gwynne Forster

The twins, Lacette and Kellie, grew up in the Christian home of Reverend Marshall and Mrs. Cynthia Graham. At 33, the girls are as identical in looks as their personalities are opposite. Lacette learned at an early age to give into Kellie's manipulation. Kellie's covetous and competitive nature seeks out Lacette's things, as well as her boyfriends. Cynthia has contributed to Kellie's behavior by never holding her accountable for her behavior. Marshall does not set Kellie straight either, but he does protect Lacette from Kellie's outbursts. With no explanation, Cynthia and Marshall separate, and he moves out of the parsonage. After the maternal grandmother's will is read, Kellie decides that she wants the broach that was left to Lacette. With Marshall staying at a hotel, the Graham women begin to live distant and separate lives--Cynthia is floating through a midlife crisis, Lacette has purchased her own house and started a business, and Kellie is on the warpath to get that broach. Everyone learns--at a price--that doing whatever it takes has consequences.

When Twilight Comes

By Gwynne Forster

Forester offers a story about a family and the relationships between siblings when faced with a crisis. When Marge Hairston, the family matriarch and owner of North Carolina's most influential African American newspaper, the Woodmere Times, falls ill, her family falls apart. Marge insists that one of her children run the newspaper, so then her three children are faced with choosing between operating the family business and building careers of their own. Their once close relationship is challenged by the choices they make to fulfill their mother's wishes. The eldest, Drogan, is a handsome young man who uses his good looks and charm to woo others. Cassandra is the self-absorbed middle child. The youngest, Sharon, is mild mannered and selfless. The one who agrees to take over the newspaper not only gives up a promising career but also has to contend with sibling rivalry and mistrust. Readers will empathize with the struggles and rejoice in the epiphany that each character experiences.

Whitney's School Morning

By Kathy Kappler

One of the many playful names given to me by my dad was Whitney. This book uses Whitney to tell a simple story based on real names and real happenings. The special people who have come and gone in my life live on in the mind and words of Whitney. I have experienced many things in life. I am a registered nurse by education, but have strayed quite far from the standard position of nursing. For many years I have held independent positions involved in sales and service. I have a strong passion for protecting and respecting our elderly and young. I believe both the elderly and young are wise and uncomplicated.


Earnings Per Share and Management Decisions

By Childs, John F.

Earnings Per Share and Management Decisions

Municipal Bonds - What You Need to Know to Start Earning Tax-Free Income

By Robert A. Harbeke

Learn how interest from municipal bonds can actually boost your after-tax income.

Save Pennies, Bank Millions

By Helsa Ariass & Glaurys Ariass

Financial theories and principles using timelines, budgets, investments, and trading strategies, to accelerate financial growth using these practical courses of action on a modest income.


Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Women Way


A guide to living a healthful style while considering all levels of both conventional and alternative therapy, especially herbs and diet. Weed's diversity covers the spiritual and emotional to the political and physical as she guides women in developing an extensive program to prevent or deal with breast cancer.

Communicating in Dental Practice: Stress Free Dentistry and Improved Patient Care: 30 (Quintessentials of Dental Practice)

By Gerald Humphris

This book provides an evidence-based but attractive presentation on advice and applied communications skills for the dental setting.

Eye care naturally

By Geiger, E. Michael

A guide to prevention and treatment for some common eye conditions and diseases. Included are description of condition, who is at risk and how to prevent, stabilize and sometimes reverse conditions through proper lifestyles, foods and nutritional supplements

Hazing Aging

By Robert L. Buckingham, MD, FACP

When you get older, your joints don’t have to hurt, your heart doesn’t have to fail, and your brain doesn’t have to rot. But all those things will likely happen—and you’ll be a shell of your former self—if you don’t manage your health properly. Dr. Robert Buckingham, a practicing physician for thirty-six years, has seen and experienced the consequences of aging firsthand, and he provides insights and advice so you can get older joyfully and gracefully. He focuses on the vascular endothelium, which is a group of cells that line the body’s blood vessels. These cells have evolved in both structure and function to facilitate efficient and specific exchanges between blood and organs. In the process, they communicate with other endothelial cells, immune cells, proteins, and other end organs. From regulating immune surveillance, clotting or blood flow, these cells are constantly assessing, adapting, and signaling to help the body carry out critical functions. By focusing on the health of these cells, you’ll improve end-organ function, reverse adverse effects of aging, and live a happier life. Start taking care of yourself, and make healthy living a reality by Hazing Aging.

Healing the Heart of Croatia

By Dr. William M. Novick, M.D.

Founder and President, International Children's Heart foundation and Father Joseph Kerrigan. Dr. Novick has taken his surgical teams to eight countries and operated on over 300 children with congenital heart disease. This book highlights the work being done in Croatia.

Herbs of Southern Ecuador: A Field Guide to the Medicinal Plants of Vilcabamba

By Bejar, Ezra

Secrets of Youth in Southern Ecuador? Vilcabamba, (in the Quechua language “holly valley”) located in Southern Ecuador, is known to gerontologists as one of three places in the world with the largest population of elderly people. This valley is known as an "island of immunity and a pool of longevity." The favorable climate, water quality, proper nutrition and use of herbs allow inhabitants to survive to a high age in a remarkable state of fitness. Until now the " herbal wisdom of the age" has not been documented. An international team of scientists (including medical anthropology, ethnobotany and ethnopharmacology) contacted the only elderly curandero living in San Pedro de Vilcabamba, Don Cruz Roa. After establishing a solid relationship with him, the team meticulously organized local herbal wisdom in a coherent and succinct manner for transmission to future generations. For the first time the secrets of herbal wisdom of Vilcabamba are available to the public. Herbs of Southern Ecuador provides exciting information about the expedition to Ecuador, the field methodology, and complete ethnobotanical information on more than 140 herbs. It includes vernacular and scientific names, families and synonyms, illustrations, botanical descriptions, origins, geographic coordinates, as well as ecology, traditional classification, uses, preparation, parts used, and administration. The information is in Spanish and English, for easy cross-reference, containing excellent indices by scientific and vernacular names and a comprehensive bibliography

Our Health, Our Lives-A Revolutionary Approach to Total Health Care for Women

By Eileen Hoffman

This comprehensive, highly accessible guide to women's physical and mental health seeks to empower women to take charge of their health, much as did its inspirational source, 1973's Our Bodies, Ourselves. Hoffman, a New York City internist and co-founder of the Women's Health Project, however, encourages readers to work within the medical system rather than explore alternative therapies. Citing chilling facts about the inadequacies of health care for women, she maintains that a woman's physiology can affect disease progression and argues for an interdisciplinary primary care specialty in women's health. More than just an enlightening discussion on primary care for women, this guide provides practical medical advice in many areas. In direct, almost conversational prose, Hoffman devotes chapters to such diseases as cancer, osteoporosis and heart disease, leading readers through the practice of identifying conditions, reducing risks and screening for early detection. A section on choosing a doctor offers a thoughtful analysis of the differences between how men and women practice medicine. The author quotes an editorial in the Journal of the American Medical Association, describing women's health care as, "a patchwork quilt with gaps." With this passionate and personal guide, Hoffman does much to make the quilt whole.

Rehabilitation of Late-Deafened Adults: Modular Program Manual

By Jaclyn B. Spitzer, Ph.D.

Recommendations for therapy for severe and profound hearing loss in maturing adults.

The Last Puff

By John Farqular

An interview with thirty three ex-smokers sharing their secrets and successes on kicking the smoking habit.

What the Labels Won't Tell You

By Logan Chamberlain, Ph.D.

The only book of its kind, sheds light on the herb craze as no other book has done before. Other topics include establishing an herb regimen and determining dosages.


''Permission to Kill'' and ''ThunderHawks'' The Video Documentary.


Bronze Mirrors of Ancient China

By Donald H. Graham, Jr.

A lavishly illustrated book of 312 pages with 248 full color illustrations. Accompaning the essay on the history of Chinese bronze mirrors by a leading expert in the field.

Ebony & Ivory

By Melvia Miller

ISBN: 0-595-21329-4 An in-depth look at cultural diversity. A powerful collection of fables, stories and articles concerning the critical issues of racial hostility, diversity, health care, and civil rights. Contains exercises and games also.

Ideologies in Conflict : A Cold War Docu-Story

By Adams, Christopher S.

The author characterizes this book as a "docu-story". As such, it is an exceptionally well-researched and skillfully written chronology of the history of Russia, the Soviet Union and the cold War. The work is unusual and unique. It is unusual because unlike most books of an historical nature, it is free-flowing and not tightly structured. It is unique because it is written with considerable input from the author's personal experiences interwoven with perceptions and anecdotal observations. The work is Assertive: "I have no doubt that there was Cold War. I fought in it." (The Author); Candid: "Stalin is an unconscionable dictator, but I liked the little son-of-a-bitch." (Truman); Provocative: "Truman is worthless." (Stalin); and Challenging: "Why not set a goal, just between the two of us; let's find a practical way to solve our critical issues." (Reagan) and "we can set a specific agenda for how to straighten-out Soviet-American relations." (Gorbachev). Finally, it is Cautionary: "The world has become in many respects a safer place, unfortunately, it is also still a dangerous place, fraught with uncertainty." (Commander-in-Chief, US Strategic Command) and: "The missile force is in the same state of readiness as ten years ago. My men and my missiles are always ready." (General of the Army, Igor Sergeyev, Republic of Russia.)

Patriarch Of Ovington

By Sallie Lee Short

Take a journey to the town of Ovington during World War I,& II, the Prohibition, and Depression. Read about the city founder's life including love, compassion and justice. Thomas was a small, but powerful man, and memories of him lived on, as he left "a community secured, because he loved these people." Relearn the lesson of the human spirit enduring adversity, through the story of "The Patriarch of Ovington."

The Saint's Day Deaths

By Albert Noyer

344 pages, soft cover $16.95 Creative Arts Book Co. A historical suspense novel set in the early 5th century at Mainz, Germany. When a series of citizen deaths occurs on the person's namesake's day, Treverius and Blandina must determine why, who will be next, and how to protect potential victims...including themselves. ''An evocative and authentically detailed historical mystery''


Of Weeds & Views

By Frances Crain

ISBN: 1-892343-10-X Open to any page and you'll be guaranteed a chuckle, or perhaps a full blown laugh. Read from cover to cover or choose from the table of contents. The subjects vary from a pioneer school teacher to a savvy new millenium teenager-from cornmeal to caviar!! And yet, there is a serious side to these real life vignettes-the preservation of a child's dignity, the rewards of finding good in others. Read, enjoy and give a copy to your friends.


Sex Sells

By Roger Paul Mosconi

Sex Sells is a witty, fun novel about the world of advertising based on his experiences as an award-winning creative director, in other words, a perfect beach read just in time for summer!


A Comprehensive Primer on Medical Genetics

By Theodore F. Thurman M.D.

Serves as class notes for a lecture-based course in Medical Genetics: Remains a ready reference in clinical practice. Through coverage of multi-factorial inheritance, which accounts for most common diseases

How I Survived Prostate Cancer, and So Can You : A Guide for Diagnosing and Treating Prostate Cancer

By James Lewis

Performance Breakthroughs for Adolescents with Learning Disabilities or ADD

By Dr. Geraldine Markel and Dr. Judith Greenbaum

The Andropause Mystery: unraveling truths about the Male Menopause

By Robert S. Tan MD

The Andropause Mystery is written for men and women as they try to comprehend their partner's aging processes. The ten chapters incorporate case histories and discuss unique perspectives of memory loss, erectile dysfunction and sexuality in aging. To order: 1-800-2476553 or


Into Fields Of Fire

By W. L. George Collins

With Into Fields of Fire, W. L. George Collins has created a unique history that joins a growing body of work on the WWII Troop Carrier Groups that serves to enlighten and correct 60 years of myth that was cultivated in popular histories of WWII. This book will find a wide audience from the novice war buff to the family members who want to know what it was really like, to the academic historian there is a wealth of excitement, insight and learning within it’s pages.

The Papers of George Catlett Marshall

By Larry Bland and Sharon Ritenour Stevens

(volume 1-4 available) ISBN: 0-8018-2552-0 vol. 1--"The Soldierly Spirit," Dec. 1880-June 1939 ISBN: 0-8018-2553-9 vol.2---"We Cannot Delay," July 1939-Dec 6, 1941 ISBN: 0-8018-2967-4, vol.3---"The Right Man for the Job," Dec 7, 1941-May 1943 ISBN: 0-8018-5368-0 vol.4---"Aggressive and Determined Leadership," June 1943-Dec 1944


Down Home Coastal Exotic and Traditional Cooking

By Sylvester Murray

For a comforting family meal or a festive celebration; for a romantic supper for two or for a grand banquet for forty-two; for a quick feast or an worldly experience; let the recipes in this cookbook help you answer the question Whats for dinner? There are recipes for every occasion; some easy to prepare, some gentle on your wallet, others simply delicious. Many let you entertain guests while cooking. And you can depend on the recipes in this book to be the best you can find anywhere, because these are much-requested favorites from around the world. The heritage is vast and unique, and the food is absolutely fabulous!

Global Impact

By Bill G. Matheny

Sync I Eternity: The Guy Science (Volume 1)

By Douglas H. Cornish

The uniique genre is erotic and philosophical. Is it entertainment or argument? It is portrayed as an allegory of philosophy and erotica, mathematics, statistics, and hypothesis and resolution. It will be found as intelligent and disdainful. A must read for inner peace.

Non Fiction

Middletown Roots

By Melvia Miller

ISBN: 0-595-23078-4 A study of "middle America" from the point of view of African-Americans lives. This unique book contains real-life events that took place in the lives of 20th century descendants of slaves. It also contains educational activities.

Surviving the Devil

By Angie Cox

Surviving the Devil is a factual account of abuse at the hands of an erratic, violent woman, as famously depicted on The Trisha Show and through the Irwin Mitchell court case.


Haunted Alcatraz

By Robert Wlodarski, Anne Wlodarski, and Michael Kouri

A history of La Isla de los Alcatraces, a guide to paranormal activity.

The Haunted Whaley House

By Robert Wlodarski, and Anne Wlodarski

A history and guide to the most haunted house in America


A Penny for Your Thoughts

By Johnson, Penny

A Penny for your Thoughts, written by contemporary American poet, Penny Johnson, Lexington, KY, is sure to delight any poetry lover. Poems about nature, love, life, death, philosophy and religion are sure to please any reader. Each poem is written to capture your attention and after you have read it you will be hungry to read more. Penny Johnson's poetry has been published nationwide and worldwide; some of her poetry has become song lyrics. She has many awards and trophies and is "International Writer of the Year 2003" awarded from Cambridge, England. Some of her poems are on The Joy of Poetry cassettes. Her poetry book is written to teach, fulfill, stroke, heal a wound or show beauty. Her main goal is to entertain, uplift, satisfy the poetry lover. It is written in such a way that it is sure to be a classic. Human nature is such that readers need good reading so that each person who reads will be enhanced. "Poetry is the song poets sing to beautify the whole world," Benny says. To be a poet is a gift and should be shared with as many poetry lovers as possible. A Penny for your Thoughts does just that. The first poem of the book and the last and every poem in between is your gift. Enjoy

Invincible Summer

By Iddings, Kathleen

This collection of poetry and others by Kathleen Iddings are available from West Angelina Publications, P.O. Box 2683, La Jolla CA 92038

Jibberish & Rhyme

By Kevin A. Berg

Whimsical poetry and illustration for children using multiple intelligence and theory.

Poetry For Everyday People

By Louyse Hulsey Scott

A collection of poetry written over a thirty year period in the author's life. Poems include: Love, Mixed bag, Inspirational and Seasonal.

Portraits in Pen

By Sari Mercedes

ISBN: 0-9647225-0-X, A poignant journey through one woman's life in short story, poetry and narrative, illustrated with pen and ink by the author.


Geopolitics: RE-visioning World Politics

By John Agnew

Geopolitics identifies and scrutinizes the central features of geopolitics from the sixteenth century to the present, paying close attention to its persisting conceptual underpinnings, novel turns and shifting impacts. The book focuses on five key concepts of the modern geopolitical imagination: visualizing the world as a whole; the definition of geographical areas as 'advanced' or 'primitive'; the notion of the state being the highest form of political organization; the pursuit of primacy by competing states; and the necessity for hierarchy.

The Fraternity: Lawyers And Judges In Collusion

By Molloy, John F.

As lawyer and judge for half a century, John Fitzgerald Molloy has both profited from our legal system and seen how it has been altered in favor of lawyers, to the detriment of society. The book starts with the evolution of the Fraternity, with the author using vivid descriptions of particular cases in which he was involved. He shows that the legal profession has continuously re-shaped the law, in subtle but significant ways, to make legal services ever more necessary—and more lucrative for the Fraternity. The power the Fraternity now exercises, including the power to decide President Bush over Gore, has been accomplished by creating a new religion, that of worshiping the Constitution in ways the founders did not intend—with lawyers and judges the priests of that religion. Lawyers may not appreciate the revelations in this book, but they should be very interested, for this author knows the profession well, and his analysis will resonate with their own experience. For those who have been appalled by the large fees charged for lawyers’ services, this book will be an enlightenment. For those who appreciate vignettes coming from some of the most interesting cases hitting our courts, this book will be captivating. Molloy documents terrible deficiencies in our legal system and presents practical solutions, such as separating the bench and the bar as is done in other countries in the world. Other publications that decry the ascendancy of lawyers offer no suggestion as to how their power can be curbed. This book does.


The Meriam-Webster Dictionary

By (Home and Office Edition)

A rich language resource that doesn't cost a king's ransome!

Understanding The Americans with Disabilities Act A compliance guide for health professionals and employers

By Nathan Goldenthal, MD,MPH,FACPM


Awake America

By Barlane Ronald "IKE" Eichbaum

The United States entered the third century of its existence facing many social, political, and religious issues. Socialism, Communism, and terrorism are such threats. Christianity is not practiced as in the past. Many US citizens neglect the Word of God, and moral decay has risen rapidly. May our people seek God's direction, as per II Chronicles 7:14, so God will bless America and its future. American patriots like Billy Graham, J. Edgar Hoover, and William Buckley expressed facts, thoughts, and quotations in the field of politics, religion, law, defense, energy, environment, and economics. Presently our military power is being reduced. Author Barlane Eichbaum relates biblical prophecy and writings on the Greek, Roman, and British empires to American maladies. These same signs of decay have led other once-great powers to their downfall. This historical and biblical perspective that Eichbaum possesses is a strong plus for Awake America.

Call Me Survivor

By Sandra Schooley

Call Me Survivor tells the stories of women who have persevered through battering, humiliation and fear to come out stronger and empowered to live lives of quiet triumph.

From My Mind From My Voice

By Tehron Jaqui Bush

From My Mind From My Voice, written by Tehron Jaqui Bush, provides a Christian frame of reference towards subjects of religion, sociology, political science, ethics, foreign affairs, and education. Readers will learn my perspective infused with Christian values as I tackle challenging questions directed toward presidential politics and more.

No Ordinary Fool: A Testimony to Grace

By John Jay Hughes

John Jay Hughes tells of the loss of his mother at age six, entry into the Catholic Church at the cost of estrangement from his beloved Anglican priest-father, his lifelong search for God in prayer, and his joy in priesthood,


Advances in Urethane Science and Technology

By Dr. Daniel Klempner and Dr. Kurt C. Frisch

The book describes the fundamentals and applications of plastic and rubber foams, elastomers, coatings, adhesives, sealants, and recycling of polyurethanes.

Debate Resolved: Evolution, Creation, Intelligent Design and Hybrids

By George Grebens

The Evolution-Creation debate has been increasing with intensity rather than with clarity. Something that needs to be resolved at the level of definitions, concepts and even in politics, ideology. The 'science versus ideology' debate underlies the contin

Earth Material and Earth Process Introduction, 3rd Edition

By Lynns Fichter, G. Thomas Farmer and Julia S. Clay

Introduction to Physical and Historical Geology. A combination textbook and laboratory manual

Earth Materials and Earth Processes: An Introduction, 3rd Edition Lynn S. Fichter, G. Thomas Farmer, Julia S. Clay, 1991

By G. Thomas Farmer

ISBN 0-02-337165-X Earth Materials and Earth Processes is an introduction to physical geology with a selected group of exercises which prepare the student for a smooth transition to historical geology. It consists of a set of preliminary exercises to each major laboratory session which the student is required to read prior to class.

Edwin Lincoln Moseley (1865-1948): Naturalist, Scientist, Educator

By Relda E. Niederhofer and Ronald L. Stuckey

A hardbound book on the life and contributions of E.L. Moseley, distingusihed Ohio naturalist and educator in Sandusky High School and first professor of science in the Bowling Green State Normal College, professsor emeritus and long-range weather forecaster.

My God

By Otis G. Erich

Combines Science and Theology. 244 pages

Quantitative Analytical Chemistry

By James S. Fritz

A Comprehensive introduction to analytical chemistry.

The Fallacy Of Biological Evolution vs The Divine Miracles Of Life And Creation.

By Lewis J. Marcon

The book contains two hundred pages of factual information in the fields of science, biology and scripture to verify the above subjects. Price: $16.30 Post paid. To order Call 609-783-9017

The Freedom Element: Living with Hydrogen

By Bain, Addison

Is hydrogen a safe and viable fuel or has its outstanding potential been lost with the Hindenburg myth? Dr. Bain's forensic research reveals some startling evidence. It is time for us to get informed about hydrogen and become advocates of its implementation as an inexhaustible clean fuel and energy carrier. Get the scientific facts, as Dr. Bain, a former NASA hydrogen expert, shows how hydrogen can now become our Freedom Element, thus releasing us from the shackles of the Petroleum Czars.

Theory and Practice of Radiation Thermometry

By D.P. DeWitt and Gene D. Nutter 1988

The only available comprehensive in-depth treatment of the subject of radiation thermometry. 1138 pages 28 contributing authors. Complete development of theory for laboratory and industrial applications.

V. A. Meien's Fish Culture in Rice Fields

By H.S. Forest (editor)

A book about aquatic ecology

Self Help

AA-Not the Only Way

By Melanie B. Solomon

Alternatives to traditional Alcoholics Anonymous program

Emotional Mind Modeling

By Hugh D. Fulcher

A psycho physiotherapy, self healing mind improvement book to reduce the stress and strain of everyday life

Just Treat Me Like I Matter: The Art of Sales

By Diane Marie Pinkard

Power tools for success.

Opportunity: Optimizing Life's Chances

By Donald Morris

Can you recognize an opportunity when it comes your way? Even though the concept seems fairly basic, most people harbor regrets about missed opportunities that in retrospect might have significantly improved their lives. This book will give you the critical tools to sort through the complexities that often obscure the perception of an opportunity and help you take full advantage of what author Donald Morris calls "high-end opportunities"—pivotal situations that can change your life for the better.

Protect Yourself: The Simple Keys Women Need to be Safe and Secure

By Steve A. Kovacs

Drawing on his professional experience in helping women learn self-defense, author Steve Kovacs offers a practical, encouraging guide for women in Protect Yourself: The Simple Keys Women Need to be Safe and Secure. Most women’s safety guides cover the specifics of fighting off attackers. But Protect Yourself focuses on commonsense strategies women can implement daily. By taking certain precautions and adapting specific behaviors, women can greatly increase their chances of avoiding violence. A former police officer who himself was a two-time victim of violent crime at a young age, Kovacs offers a practical approach to learning self-defense and discusses key issues: What criminals look for Home security Safety while on the go Tools to protect women Defending yourself in an attack The real foundation for women’s self protection is the ability to identify certain attitudes, behaviors, and universal truths. Understanding these concepts is simple yet essential to helping women of all ages in developing characteristics and thinking patterns that will enable them to lead safer, more empowered lives. Don’t become a victim of violence—let Protect Yourself: The Simple Keys Women Need to be Safe and Secure teach you to protect yourself!

Secrets of Successful Actors

By Henderson, Sue Porter

Secrets Of Successful Actors is written by a working actor for actors. It offers hundreds of valuable tips, ideas and resources for the beginning actor and those who may need a refresher. It is also for the actor whose career is stalled-"they can't seem to jump from extra to principal." (It may even be useful to parents who want their "future stars" to know it takes work to act.)

The Leadership Dance: Pathways to Extraordinary Organizational Effectiveness

By Richard N. Knowles

The Leadership Dance is the story of Dick Knowles' personal journey from operating as a traditional command and control manager to one using a more open and inspired form of leadership. The proven processess and models presented here apply to leadership tasks at all levels in the organization. Leaders can now choose to use the traditional approaches to leading and be satisfied with the results they are getting, or they can move into this new way of leading and experience the release of energy and creativity of the people in their organizations. This dynamic, exciting approach leads to extraordinary increases in organizational effectiveness enabling the people and their organization to thrive in this turbulent, unpredictable world.


Immigration In America's future

By David Heer

Immigration policy is one of the most contentious issues facing the United States today. This timely and informative book invites readers to examine the data and trends and, ultimately, make up their own minds about what our national immigration policy should be.


Book and tape list

By Dr. Kumuda Reddy

All Love Flows To The Self, Eternal Stories from the Upanishads--ISBN# 1-929297-05-X For a Blissful Baby Healthy and Happy Pregnancy with Maharishi Vedic Approach, To Health---ISBN# 1-929297-00-9 Conquering Chronic Disease Through Maharishi Vedic Medicine, ISBN# 1-929297-01-7 Ayureda Baby Massage, ISBN# 1-929297-03-3 Golden Transition Menopause With Maharishi Vedic Medicine, ISBN# 1-929297-17-3 Curing Arthritis and Fibromylgia, ISBN# 1-929297-18-1 The Eternal Story of Love, ISBN# 1-929-297-04-1

Spirit at Work: A Journey of Healing

By Lois M. Gran

Captivating and inspiring, this is a story of how dedication to self-discovery and personal growth, persevering through illness and deformity, led to the healing of body, mind and spirit. Learn how to bring healing to your own life problems, to resolve them forever.

The Highest Mountain

By John Worman

ISBN: 0-595-01031-8 Bill, a college junior, thinks he’s found his soul mate. Now, after waiting patiently for his true love, he leaves home to pursue her. Like most young men, he believes he can accomplish anything. But, he is naïve, impulsive and inexperienced. Just when he thinks everything is beginning to go according to his plans, an unforeseen obstacle stands in his way, something so terrible that Bill risks losing everything, even his sanity.

True Work-Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do

By Michael Toms and Justine Willis Toms

This book looks at work as service and as a spiritually sustaining activity that promotes healing. Full of stories and helpful techniques culled from their radio interviews with Joseph Campbell, Buckminster Fuller, the Dalai Lama, Alice Walker, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Marsha Sinetar, Gary Zukav and many others.

Trying to Get to Heaven; Opinions of a Tennessee Talker

By Dixie Carter

Known to millions as Julia Sugarbaker of Designing Women, Dixie Carter now offers her personal report on the possibility of happiness and an ode to beauty (inside and out), family, and the spirit.


Antenna Engineering Handbook 3rd edition

By Charles M. Knop and Richard C. Johnson

Essentials of ATM Networks and Services

By Oliver C. Ibe, Addison-Wesley 1997

Remote Access Networks and Remote Services: The Internet Access Companion

By Oliver C. Ibe, John Wiley, 1999

The Book of ScSi

By Peter M. Ridge

An easy guide to help computer users to make the most of ScSi devices.

Ultrasonics: Fundamentals, Technology, Applications

By Dale Ensminger

This book covers basic principles for applying ultrasonics, the equations necessary for designing systems for its use, and the major low-intensity and high-intensity applications of ultrasonics. It also includes tables of important acoustical properties of fluids and solids.