Strathmore's Who's Who Business Networking

About Strathmore's Who's Who

Historically Strathmore's Who's Who publishes an annual two thousand page hard cover biographical registry, honoring successful individuals in the fields of Business, the Arts and Sciences, Law, Engineering and Government. We select mid to upper level management professionals from companies, large and small, throughout the United States as well as internationally. In addition the entire publication is published in a searchable database on this website giving many types of search options.

Qualifications for Inclusion

Based on one's position and lifetime of accomplishments, we honor professional men and women in all academic areas and professions. Inclusion is limited to individuals who have demonstrated leadership and achievement in their occupation, industry or profession.

For consideration for inclusion submit yourself as a Self Nomination. You also may nominate other individuals Nomination of others whom you believe may also merit inclusion in Strathmore's Who's Who. You may nominate peers, colleagues, mentors, and other successful men and women.


As our economy begins to turn around, once again with brighter prospects for the future, you can use Strathmore's Who's Who more than ever. Our mission, through the web site, is to encourage and bring together accomplished professionals who can network, research, share information and do business with each other. The internet offers a wonderful means of communication. We encourage all our members to take advantage of our web site as often as possible and use this site as a "letter of introduction" to network with any of the other members that are published here.

The possibilities are truly endless.

Our biggest satisfaction is hearing from members about their positive experience. We encourage your feedback whenever possible.