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Eldon J. Brunner Honored as a Member of the Strathmore's Who's Who Round Table

Farmingdale, N.Y. – Eldon J. Brunner, of Reddick, Illinois has recently been recognized as a member of the Strathmore's Who's Who Round Table for his outstanding accomplishments and achievements in the field of Nuclear Power.

About Eldon J. Brunner

Eldon J. Brunner was born in Reddick Illinois in 1923. He earned a Master's degree at the University of Illinois. He played a major role in the development of flight simulators used for pilot training and was a pioneer in the field of nuclear power. He started as a Flight Instructor and Charter Pilot and then became a Research Assistant under U.S. Army contract to develop flight training methods for reducing airplane and helicopter training time. He was an Aircraft Engineer for Convair Fort Worth, Texas and the author of the B-58 flight training manual. Mr. Brunner then was promoted to Nuclear Reactor Operator/Engineer and the Supervisor/Manager of the Aircraft Nuclear Power facility. He eventually worked his way to Chief of Reactor Operations for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, initially in charge of utility inspections of the testing of 1000 MW Power reactors, later in charge as the Project Branch Chief of all Power Reactors in the region. Mr. Brunner is a member of the American Nuclear Society. Mr. Brunner retired in 1983 and moved from his home in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania back into the home his parents built outside of Reddick, Illinois.

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