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2019 A.R.O.P. Bio of the Year announced!

America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals "Biography of the Year":  This singular position has officially been filled by an equally singular professional; the unimitable Teresa J. Hagy.  In a triumph to top all triumphs, against all odds, Ms. Hagy won the hearts and minds of the editorial staff and board of directors, securing what can only be described as an underdog victory story.  Not only is this the first time an elementary educator has claimed this coveted position, but it is also the first time a Tennessee native has done so.  Ms. Hagy had a trying few years, at best, as she struggled to find credibility amongst the many Who's Who "copycat" organizations whose opportunist management took advantage of her.

This is no more. 

Ms. Hagy is now back in the care and direction of her membership organizations from the year 2000, when she joined the Strathmore's and America's Registry families.  Ms. Hagy does not mind sharing her unfortunate experience of having been "scammed" by countless companies if it serves as a lesson to those who could befall a similar fate.  Sadly, we live in a time when the "scam" has become commonplace, and such questionable and - in many cases - downright criminal outfits have attempted to besmirch the good name of the Who's Who industry. 

However, our nearly three-decade old Who's Who membership organization effectively "wrote the book" (pun very much intended) on the networking, consulting and exposure game in terms of big-name busienss directories.  So, following nearly a decade of being swindled by companies masquerading as ours, Teresa Hagy has not only straightened out the situation (with the help of our executive staff), but also returned to the home where she originally made her mark as one of America's top elementary educators.  With credibility and key Strathmore & America's Registry executives on her side, Ms. Hagy has claimed her rightful position for the ages... and she has done one better in securing what is inarguably the most esteemed program and distinction offered in the America's Registry tradition:  Biography of the Year. 

More information coming soon:

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